Introducing NJ Blacklight Parties


Sound Defying Entertainment is one of the few DJ companies in NJ that specilizes in Blacklight Parties.

So what exactly is a blacklight party?
A Blacklight Party is a party that utilizes Blacklights also known as UV Lights. These lights emit a light that is nearly invisible to the human eye and causes any White and Flourecent colors to glow in complete darkness.

Why have a Blacklight Party?


A blacklight party creates a different atmosphere in the room and can really make your party unique and memorable.
Our packages range in size and all have various options that you can choose from. Such as Glow Bubbles, Glow Snow, Flourecent Beads, Glow Necklaces, White Gloves, flashing drink glasses and many more.
Please look through our site and discover how these options can help enhance your party.

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